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In my view, the process of making the girl feel sexy is an important element in the game. The conspiratorial espionage agencies concept is very intriguing, as is the plot, which, though, should have been advanced somewhat more. Preparation of the room is very complicated while contact with Julia is really simple. Need more explicite sexcene I think I speak for erveryone when i say that you are the greatest. I was surprised that Julia became horny too easily and too quickly. I point out that the balance of the scenes is not very good.On the plus side of things the girls were cute, there was great graphics, nice storyline, I liked how much you can interact with the characters.man WISH THEY Would please put some type of label it would help to know if something is in you are turned off by if there rape or interracial gender benders what ever cause some might not want to see it and don`t get mad and judge me we all get turned on or off be different things I respect yours you should respect mine.The variety in the ending are good: some are erotic, some realistic, and 1 funny one. Lastly, the interaction by following the red dot sliding on the bar is interesting. (Good Ending) Ending 3 - Get BJ, Tell Truth to Room Number, Go to Bathroom, Secretary in Room.Munchman: To get the Different Endings the Choices you need to Make are if you get BJ from Wife, wether you Lie about Room Number, Where to Go after conference (Bathroom or Bed), and If you Answer the Door with Secretary In Room or In Bathroom. (Bad Ending) Ending 4 - Get BJ, Tell Truth to Room Number, Go to Bathroom, Secretary in Bathroom. This game needs to be developped into a full adult version! The atmosphere was great, the story was simple but there is a lot of possibilities for a new episode. Had to wander back and forth more than once and I didn`t to see all endings yet but it seems like "to be continued" is what we get no matter what.

it took a while for me to get into the story but at the end of it all, i enjoyed it..... Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game.Wanna get this exotic feeling of fear surrounding you? The world of best horror games is now around you as you penetrated into Gamezhero playing zone.Any horror game might be a chance for you to play more and more as you become addictive to this splash of adrenaline and thrilling emotions. They are far more different from smart easy achievement games and not so calm as free sponge bob games.Both girls were great lookers but I felt that Jen was the better looker - even though Viv was the most devoted.For me this game was okay like I thought it was alright, I may play again.

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